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Shake it, Belili! Shake it! The insouciance, the amateur, the banality of the material shared on websites allows us to speak of certain forms or elements of great interest, repetitive patterns of communication and social action.As dancer's home videos uploaded to Youtube.In these videos -mostly girls- are shown dancing from the privacy of their bedrooms for a potentially global audience and usually male. "Shake it!" is a video made up of 22 dancer's videos that they do not yet appear. Leveraging the opening seconds in which actor -and camera operator- has gone out of momentarily o is setting the camera out of view. The digital revolution has focused attention on the potential for manipulation. Through the use of the software has been removed from the picture what should be an "essential element" the subject. The bottoms of the images, previously considered secondary fragments, now become the main reasons. These spaces intimate personal vacuum which occupies the music adds a firm time frame for change video, creating a perception of CCTV surveillance cameras making us question the power dynamics and our frustrated peeping desires from a feminist perspective.