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In the famous analysis of "The MSTERMND" about the film there is a phrase that settled down deep in me: The Shining is a film to see both forward and backwards.He did not mean at the same time, he was concerned in the metaphor of the mirror's shape is central to the film -every scene in which Jack sees ghosts there are mirrors, to give an example. That there are things forward and backward that occur during the film. People walking backwards -in both situations to sabe themselves-, people talk backwards. At the end of "The Shining" Jack is reduced to the screaming apes at the beginning of "2001: A Space Odyssey" ...Horrors of the past. Halloran tells Danny: you will see horrible things, apparently real, but remember they are not real. They are like photographs in a book that no longer exist and that is the key to not get depressed at this.People often seen shining through the story and understood that the past simply does not exist, except only in one place and that place is in this moment of our mind, remember. That's a place where we can go in some way there and yet it doesn't exists.This is a film about how the past affects, any past, such as the individual one, as the collective or historical and how to overcome it, to not be a victim of this.This remix is a screening of "The Shining" from front to back and back to front at the same time. Let's not get creative, let's turn the film just like a mirror, overlapping it.Some fun discoverys from synchronizations as the opening / ending zip forming a kind of postcard, putting us in space and time, or both Wendy and Jack confrontations in the great hall; But also other interesting at levels symbolic and narrative as the telling of the old murder in the job interview with future attempted murder by Jack, or Dany getting suspicious about his father is losing his mind and Jack contact with the previous caretaker.