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This project has started with these sentences:"The apocalypse is in the past already. In the two World Wars 30 million people have died. This means that all the prophecies have been fulfilled. The hell which we now live in are the ruins of the enthusiastic era for which we are ashamed now."These words were the starting point to develope material that related to this thought. This material consits of lyrics/poems, a 3D generated post-apocalptic city and videos. The project resulted in various forms depending on the format were it was displayed. In the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig Annual Exhibiton there was a three day lecture performance. With the actor Alexander Blühm the lyrics were used for an experiment on stage in the Kunstraum E in Leipzig. The musician Touchy Mob used the video to perform live music to it in the Videokills Festival in the UT Connewitz, Leipzig. And a spanish version of the video was shown in the video program „Entre el Ocaso y el Colapso“ in Puerto Varas, Chile.The project had a life of it own for some time. The artist just fulfilled the demands of the various formats and put the material in the fitting form.The radical virus Cryptowall 3.0 destroyed all the material now. The project has therefore come to an end.