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Excerpt from Capital: All machinery developed in three parts, essentially different: the engine, a transmission and a machine tool or work machine. The engine is a driving force of the whole mechanism. It produces its own driving force, such as a steam engine, a hot air machine, an electromagnetic machine etc., or the impulse of an external natural force, such as a hydraulic wheel, the water impulse; as well as the mill, the force of the wind, etc. The transmission consists of handwheels, shafts, sprockets, turbines, bars, cables, ropes, devices and transmission gears of the most varied type. It regulates the movement, transforms it, when necessary, of the form, for example, perpendicular in circular, distributes it in the machine tools. The motor and the transmission only exist to transmit movement to the machine tool, which takes hold of the object of work and the transformation according to the desired end. It is from this part of the machinery, a machine tool that has now turned Cybernetics of the newest human civilization "