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This project is a multi dimensional project that started out as a framework for making a show where i do impressions and offer irrelevant advice and make fun of beings who don't exist, but all of this is just a framework for a show that I am making to document and debut the experimental music that I write: I am a painter as well as digital artist and singer songwriter. So, as a process documentation and sort of hype/momentum to lead up to the debut of the first episode of the show, I decided to abruptly change the content of my instagram page starting december 31, 2017 freaking out my friends and family. as a private person, i had never even posted like one selfie, so when my feed became like a dark future surrealist stream of consciousness mind fuck, i lost a lot of followers. But i encouraged people to participate within the framework, like this is not real. So, the project is ongoing, LONG TERM, and I set up an auxillary you tube channel: morgan freberg, where the goal is for me to eventually become an internet celebrity through the making of this badly made, questionably sane, and weird show called frotopia: badlands. Alternatively, all of this content of myself, like an out of focus yet authentic digital self portrait that I made will just sit unseen somewhere lost in the vase dark corners of the web. Either fate is beautiful to me, because the whole project at the core, is me. So, at the very least it is simply documentation and archiving for future generations, the madness of this particular time and place (both online and IRL).