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"Junk with art": Wonderful examples of street art, graffiti of extraordinary beauty made onto poor support are appearing in every city: rubbish bins. The choice fell on the containers and not, more trivially, on the walls, since a wall remains someone’s property , while waste is something that we all produce, which comes from our homes and therefore represent us most intimately. Furthermore, bins are perishable media compared to a solid wall, which, unless the builinding is demolished, It is able to withstand for decades to weather and adversity . If we add that, because of the gradual spread of the collection, soon all these containers will disappear permanently, the desire to save these works so that they are usable for years to come definitely takes on a new meaning. Visitors can choose between viewing through Google Street View physically inaccessible works, or exploring their territory and then going down the streets and admire them live. Junk With Art is a virtual art gallery open 24/7 and it is fully interactive through the use of Google Maps: clicking on the links that follow the work, the visitor has the opportunity to view directly the works herein documented. A real appreciation of what could undoubtedly be defined, albeit wrongly, junk art. Users will also have the opportunity to participate actively in the collection of these testimonies reporting new graffiti or sending firsthand photos of the works in their city or encountered in the course of their journeys. https://junkwithart.tumblr.com/ Ilario Caliendo tries to analyze the quirks and phobias of contemporary social life, with an 'eye to the abuse of the network and the addiction on social media. His works investigate various areas such as copyright, new art forms, trash, strange things and visual hallucinations. His approach recalls the poetic and activist hacker traditional attitude using irony as a means of reflection.