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Random images, obtained from the Internet, others have taken and distorted by the lens, others scanned from old slides. Some of them, and deliberately, they seem to images taken from security cameras to places unknown. Internet has been used for some of them like a camera. Shots where the human presence is absent and echoes a vacuum. The perception of the final image is altered by the very composition of the images intentionally blurred. Finally, the interlacing used in their video field will further alter the perception. In fact, it provides for the division of images into lines each containing different information. The image is reconstructed by superimposing the two pieces of information but in this case, stop just before the final image is reconstructed completely. It is not clear if the image is then rearranging or breaking in two pieces of information. This creates an "alternate image" next to the final that will consist never completely, leaving the viewer the sense of reading: the image is composed or decomposed?