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·reflexivity· is an exploration of the digital space, its image, and how I relate to it, making obvious how it is reshaping our concepts today. this project explores how these days, communication with people using soft wares have become reflexive, performed as a reflex, without conscious thought. ·reflexivity· includes both a subjective process of self-consciousness inquiry and the study of digital human´s behavior with reference to theories about social relationships. this exploration proposes a frame of mind where the method is taking account of itself and of the presence of the artist on what is being investigated. My approach to this soft wares affect the very situation I am observing. being in the digital space, the non·matter, non·time and non·space of the screen I become increasingly more self-aware, reflective, and hence reflexive. ·questioning how I see myself trough a software we use everyday· I started calling myself on skype· ·This video is an edition of some screen recordings of my quest· ·To challenge the everyday· ·the sound its been created from recordings of online conversations·