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Digital Expressionism. The combination of thought, imagination, thought and mind, make the artist's work by giving it a genuine and original personality. Imagination is the ability to generate images from the experience, is also the projection of desire and idea beyond reality. The artist as individual creator, creates his works from the imagination. Expressionism is an artistic movement that seeks the expression of feelings and emotions of the author rather than the representation of objective reality, entering the imagination as an element within the work, this is transformed into another stream within the expressionism, expressionism Digital. Each work offers the viewer hidden messages, the viewer or observer is the intellectual charge the riddle of the work. With each work I try to have a literary history, applied to digital art, I would like the reader of the work, could see or imagine beyond matters. Digital art is the art of the future. The future is in the 21st century. My work delves into the spiritual, The paranormal, and the imaginative, and born of expressionism. The 21st century Expressionism is Digital. Declaration and artistic process “As an artist, creator and digital writer uses the tools of the 21st century, design software: Adobe Photoshop, Poser, Blender, etc. depends on the creative idea. Like my art, my writing is digital and reads in digital format, because the 21st century is digital to my view. My works are imaginative and born of political and social reality of our time”.