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His artwork, highly effective on a visual level, derives from the systematic search within the newest technology. The intention is not so much to capture images in order to canvas them, but to comprehend and accept their articulation speed. This paradigmatic search for the essentials and for the memento in its various stages, allows the artist to blend the achievements of traditional pictorial avant-gardism with the computer screens opaque luminescence by means of systematic fragmentation. Analiser and composer Ismael Iglesias shows his own ideas of logic and existence with a code that transcends, detaches from time and space. He advances an aesthetic language with high doses of idiosyncrasy and describes the natural spirit of simplicity. A word full of experiences and visual information to which the artist seeks to achieve by producing a wide range of images and signs. The graphic medium, new technologies, music and audiovisual media reinforces his particular concept of contemporary art. Faced with a strong artistic commitment, Iglesias has established himself as a complex creator who presents a formal maze searching for an intimate essence. He develops original readings in his perspectives and innovate conclusions through the plurality of languages, styles and media giving more independence to the elements. From the restructuring of the conventional approaches to painting, its combinations are endless. His compositions are proyected as illusions suggested by the impetuous imagination armed with the power of colour and overlapping with mixed impressions.The basque painter exhibits an imaginary free and changing to facilitate hybrid systems that allow him to play with several pieces at once, without leaving the synthesis of previous work.