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SUPERNOVA exists in different formats. It is a website, Android application, distributed as a printout and is displayed in the gallery as a projection. It takes on a minimalist form, referencing Sol LeWitt’s Arcs, circle, and irregular bands, or perhaps Duchamp’s Rotary Demisphere (Precision Optics). Viewers can also access this site from their computer and are able to download a unique image by clicking on the page and simply pressing the “s” key on their keyboard. It is an attempt at proliferating art through various technological mediums while being historically grounded in both displays and aesthetics. The result is an immersive, sensorial experience randomly displaying different color combinations in the RGB color model in ten concentric circles. This characteristic of the piece is historically similar to Structuralist Film, as it runs frame by frame and is constructed out of a specific medium of the internet: color. When viewing online it is best to use Google Chrome and view it in presentation mode, which allows the piece to take up the whole screen. To view the slower online version, click >> HERE. To view the 30 fps online version, click >> HERE. To download the Android app, go >> HERE.