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These animated gifs where created to evoke the same sense of wonder, dread, uncertainty, and numerous other named and unnamed emotions one feels in our particular junction of early 21st Century flux and vicissitudes. I believe our current crux of time evokes emotions yet unnamed, as the current digital age is something unique to our nervous system, thus the medium is truly the message as well as the technique. The frames of these animations are created on a tablet during my commute to work. The 32 bus that travels through North Philly is my movable studio, images are take, scrambles and reassembled using the apps photoshop touch, glichte', i pixel camera, sculpt+, and liquid lens. I bring an eye honed by the sequential arts, particularly Dave McKean, Frank Miller and Ben Templesmith, and filter that through the contemporary interest in dissolving boundaries, identity fluidity and meditation on notions of post humanism. Once the single frames are created, they are resized and sequenced on a desk top in photoshop, where I play with transparency, color, and dither. I play with frame lay out, repetition, and how the animation unfolds/ and or folds back into itself. The final animation must be something hypnotic that reveals rhythms of composition and unnamed emotion upon contemplation.