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"Art is creating what you can´t see. Art is filling up the gaps of reality. Art is the other maia. Art is a brush in my hand which I can use as a sword. Art is where I can hide from the horrors of life. Art is what reality cannot give me. Art is the food of my soul. Art is like sand through my fingers. Art is what saves me from the purgatory on earth. Art knows no morality. Art should be more than just decorating walls. Art is magic born from the guts. Art is a jack in the box. Without art I would have been a criminal. Without art I would have killed myself. Now I am an artistic outlaw and an outlawed artist. Art makes us immortal. For we are gods in permanent amnesia. There is no must in art or should. Art simply expression oneself about the world inside ourselves or outside. I don't call my imagination work...I AM and BREATHE imagination which no one can possess or take away from me."