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Poly_Count refers to the number of triangles in a 3D computer model. More triangles allow for a life-like form, whereas fewer maximize the efficiency of the form for computer use. This single number represents an irreconcilable tension between the natural world and the virtual.In the following images, I have used the camera as a 3D scanner. The resultant computer models are a point of departure to explore what is inevitably lost in translation between the material and virtual worlds. The differences between images are visually subtle, but in their significance is a world of difference. A photo of an object next to a computer model of the object wrapped in photos of the original object. 3D geometry perfectly unfolded next to flattened projections of the original 3D geometry. The differences in each image are not just visual, but represent a schism in the world as opposed to the world as imaged. This disparity between material and digital spheres is less and less theoretical, as more of the material functions of our lives are outsourced to computers. Today we experience the world through a screen, and we are experienced by others through screens. Our identities are uploaded and dissolve into analytics. Unresolvable questions about mortality and agency are undergoing a technological sea change. As our decision-making faculties become enmeshed in digital networks, our identities become digital and our wills mechanical.