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A still shot of the Los Angeles nighttime is accompanied by a series of Facebook messages in the form of subtitles. The text messages were received from 18 different people from 2010 through 2017. The messages are from various points in intimate relationships; some are early on, some are in the middle, some are near the end, and some are afterward, describing vague narratives of each relationship and their ultimate downfalls. With context removed, the viewer is left to guess the larger meanings of each message: Which are in the same conversations? How far apart was each message sent? Which were direct, and which were more general feelings or thoughts? Why have these messages stuck with the receiver? In contrast to the messages is the footage of LA, (along with soft ambience and white noise,) serving as a window for reflection and recognition of personal solitude/isolation. Both video and text come into conversation, but each can also distract attention from the other, causing focus to potentially shift throughout the duration of the piece