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The Amazon is a place where enchantment reigns. It is also a place of much suffering, much struggle, and cabano blood. Nature and the people of this land resist with a lot of ancestral strength and care for the younger ones. The Amazon is the lap of a mother who misses her son who went fishing and didn't come back but blesses him from afar while she watches the movement of the river. Every piece of water is a mother's eye. Every person of this sweet river has the movement and the enchantment of the beings of the deep, of the beings of the forest, and the healing of all suffering. Crying is tessadada in asphalt, one hour it turns into stone and creates strength. Overcoming in the skin. On the tip of the canoe the direction. The smile of permission, the world before the unknown. The river calls and the forest seduces. Who is from here in the jungle has to be very careful with the enchanted. The cry of loss and the laugh of debauchery. The unity of the community in continuing and immersing itself in its own history and realizing that there is no romance in a forest in flames, people with stolen history, abandoned communities, polluted rivers, entire ethnic groups extinct. Resilience is a term originating in physics. It is related to the property that some bodies have of returning to their original shape after being submitted to an elastic deformation. In psychology, resilience is the individual's ability to deal with problems, adapt to changes, overcome obstacles, or resist the pressure of adverse situations - shock, stress, some kind of traumatic event - without going into a psychological, emotional, or physical breakdown, finding strategic solutions to face and overcome the difficulties. Technical Team Art Direction/Editing: Akhacio Painting and photography: Akhacio Performance: Marcely Gomes, Jean Petra, Astrum Zion, Rayssa Vaz Soundtrack: Felix Oliveira Support: @yeba_belo @yebabrecho Genre: Amazonian Futurism-ancestral Running time: 5:18 Location: Belém, Ilha de Caratateua (Outeiro), Ajuruteua, Capanema, Combu, Ilha do Marajó (Joanes), Ilha de Maiandeua (Fortalezinha)