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Café Internet is an archive that has been compiled during recent years, in which the artist captures the multiple facets of Colombian and Latin American internet imageries, all the while it blends with meme culture, startups, and silicon valley platforms. This exercise shows the ways in which a hypothetical “autochthonous network” would look like, always with a certain degree of mockery. The main artwork is an API (Application Programming Interface), a tool that allows the artist, as well as any interested in the archive, to access it online. With this gesture, the artist takes a descriptive archive and turns it into an active one, and by living in an active server it cohabitates with all the digital traces our online actions leave behind. This work is also composed of a virtual, three dimensional space that exhibits the images on the archive, iterating daily between the categories that compose it: Memes, localtech, arts, social networks, computers, internetcode, and miscellaneous. Users themselves compose the work, as each visitor imprints into the space their own I.P address, enriching the piece with every visit, taking it progressively to a saturation point in a virtual realm that does not forget.