Neverending Stories

In the virtual audiovisual universe of social networks, Instagram stories seem to occupy an unnoble place. We can say that it is to cinema what the post is to advertising - it is not the object in itself, it is not the objective matter of the work, it is a lure, a decoy, an entrepôt, a byproduct of the productive chain that involves the work on the networks. According to this secondary role, unlike the post, it is notable for its non-permanent nature, lasting only 24 hours. Within the volatile frivolity of internet audiovisual production, it still preserves for itself the authorial mark - it has a signature and an address - and thus places itself below the GIF, the Sticker, and the meme - in an imagined periodic table of virtual audiovisual elements. The show intends to make perennial the work - the stories - of 5 artists with absolutely distinct productions: Adriano Costa, Alberto Simon, Luiza Crosman, Julia Angulo and Felipe Barsuglia.
Pedro Caetano

Pedro Caetano

With a heterodox background - he graduated in Cinema and has also studied History and Industrial Design - he also works in different spheres of the art system: he was the founder of a gallery (Galeria Polinesia, which between 2007 and 2010 presented artists such as Ana Mazzei, Adriano Costa, Fernando Marques Penteado, Rodolpho Parigi, Carlos Issa, among others); Caetano was the producer and DJ of the Delírio party, in partnership with Adriano Costa; collaborated with the now-defunct film magazine PLANO B; he develops curatorial projects (he has already organized 10 group shows) and, more recently, he runs Rádio & Lanches, a web radio focused on music and culture.