Impermanence, a word that means inconstancy, something that doesn't last or something that changes easily. This concept of ephemerality is also called “Anicca”, according to Buddhism.

The works presented consist of aesthetics that carry traces of impermanence. Some referring to liquid states, others gaseous, or even solid. All of this is possible due to the technological dialogue of the works such as the use of: artificial intelligence, code errors (glitch), sculptures and remix of games within the digital art. The curatorship is by Flávio Carvalho and the soundtrack is by Lilian Nakahodo.

Five Brazilian artists are part of the imp exhibition, they are: Sabato Visconti, Umlo Boh, Apofenica, Marciel Conrado and Gabriel Massan. The expo is included within the international event Homeostasis Lab. Imp will take place in the form of an expo game, in which the visitor can interact with the works observing the impermanence, both of the works and of the exhibition itself. It is recommended not to become attached, nor to create aversion, just to observe the inconstancy of the digital universe. Anicca, Anicca, Anicca.


Media art artist, digital art curator and art director who lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. Flávio Carvalho studied a specialization in Interdisciplinary Arts and Arts Teaching at the State University of Paraná UNESPAR/FAP in 2012. Since then, he has exhibited collectively in Berlin, Paris, New York, Madrid, Toronto, Curitiba, among other cities. In 2017/18 he was the curator of the exhibition Subli_me at The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale in Curitiba. He integrated in 2018 the curatorship of the International Biennial of Art of Curitiba winning the Young Curators Award. In 2020 he presented Laniakea / The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale in Curitiba. He is currently the guest curator of the International Biennial of Art of Curitiba.