The line rips. The line opens a fissure. To draw is to dispose of oneself to be at risk. The practice of drawing is crossed by the openness of the work, it tears. Drawing thought as possibilities. Nature is always the same, always another. Drawing as a practice, as a constant process. To draw is to abstract pictorially over something, over a surface. The work is opened by the trace, by the questioning, by the cloud, by the form. The practice is also of those who find it. The presence of the body that activates it. The physical gesture of the click, the pressing of the key transforms the image, the color-light, creates together with, another work that, at each fruition, presents itself differently from itself. Without closure or completeness. Drawing as looking. To draw, to look, to encounter, is to be at risk. In the encounter with the image, that moment that trembles, flutters, presents itself to us and suggests that we abstract in a pictorial way. To trace where the work crosses us, to create its own sense permeated by the experiences of each one, and this is one of the senses, as well as the one proposed by the artist. To be on the same surface, the same plane, the same canvas. Points in connection, lines forming horizontal networks. To draw and find points of permeability between artist-spectator, digital-real.
Taís Koshino

Taís Koshino

Taís Koshino is a visual artist, researcher and curator. She is co-founder and curator of DiverseNFTArt and a master's student at the Graduate Program in Visual Arts (UnB). Her work is around drawing and investigates its possibilities of containing in itself imprecision and its power of impermanence. Through drawing with crooked lines and shapeless forms, the artist proposes another relationship with the image, of affective re-significations that are in a constant process of change. Since 2014, she has participated in group shows and art exhibitions. In 2019, she had her first solo exhibition as part of a residency at Studio Kura (Japan). Her drawings have been printed in national and international publications.