Lesia Vasylchenko

  • , Norway
Having a master degree in journalism as a background, I had coordinated several art-projects, such as the first artist-in-residence program in Ukraine (where I’m originally from), aimed at determining the actual forms of support and education for young artists. For the last two years, I’ve been focusing and developing own artistic practice. This summer I have graduated from Oslo foto art school and started my studies at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.My installations, video, and photography explores themes of transmissions and mixing of contemporary cultures, how media mix, blend and become new media and realities, and our perception of time. I connect the mix of media and the information overload to the much-debated notion of the Post-truth. I focus on practices associated with an image manipulation and the production of computer-generated images, which changes our perception of reality, and how we experience it in everyday life. In my works, I investigate how we interpret the visual pattern, changes in time, and what’s the role of Internet and in that process.