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About the project: We still retain the belief in the image as an objective record, but what does the reality look like? Computational photography, which made by digital computation instead of optical processes, allows the visual image to create a picture of reality that is “richer” than a photo, and with this comes the opportunity to incorporate other knowledge and experience. Today the image is flexible, operating in multiple dimensions and integrated into technologies.The “Waterfall 00:05:01” is a combination of video, data technology, and photography. It is a video shot of waterfall which processed into a slit-scan image by using computer algorithms. I transform the three dimensions of space into the two dimensions of photographic print - the size of the picture is created by the duration of the video and printed in original size.In this project, I investigate how we interpret the visual pattern, changes in the environment and time, and what’s the role of data in that process. I focus on practices associated with an image manipulation and the production of computer-generated images, which changes our perception of reality, and how we experience it in everyday life. About the work: In this project, I experimented with slit-scan photography technique, by which time and space encoded in a single image. I used a digital camera and filmed five minutes static video of the waterfall. By using slit-scan technique and processing algorithms applied to video, I capture the motion in the city landscape. With each consecutive video frame, the image advances one pixel to the right, leaving behind a trace of the previously recorded segment. As a result, horizontal strips from a series of frames are laid adjacent to each other in the output slit-scan image. The frames - which are usually visible for only a split second during a film - "freezes" a particular time span, in effect, swapping time and space. “Waterfall 00:05:01” explores the notions of continuity, motion, transformation and time. The computational exploration “River flow 00:05:01” is an "abstract real" of the waterfall, it’s an object for interpretation which captures, but definitively severed, the connection with reality and time. Embeded