Merri Randell

  • Kaniva, Australia
I celebrate diversity by creating worlds full of beautiful, hybrid monstrosities that seduce, beguile and disturb. As an expressionist I believe art is capable of effecting social change. My video artworks playfully disrupt non-indigenous cinematic landscape myths which demonise the Australian landscape such as ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ (Weir, 1979) and seek to challenge audiences to re-evaluate their relationship with natural areas. Working in distorted realities, I combine hyper-real photography of post-colonial Australian forests and swamps with consumptive sound and uncanny motion to conceive compulsive but immersive audio-visual artworks. Born in 1970, Merri grew up in Kaniva - a tiny country town on Australia's southern wheat-belt. She has studied, traveled, lived and worked all over the world, but currently co-exists with her pet trees, sheep and goats on the fringes of swampy sub-tropical Logan, Australia.