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THE FEN is a dark exploration of Australian landscape myths. This video was created in response to a residency on Teerk Roo Ra, Moreton Bay - the only intact example of a multiracial lazaret in Australia. THE FEN experience has been described - 'If David Cronenberg's movie 'The Brood' had a baby with Hans Heysen.' (please see The aim of this project is to create a ‘story space’ that cultivates and challenges enduring dominant myths about the Australian landscape through perverse and abject audio-visual strategies and ‘postproduction art’ practices. The dominant cinematic myths of Australian landscape underpinning this project relate to non-indigenous Australians’ largely unconsummated desire to understand and unite with an intolerant and sometimes vengeful landscape. I am fascinated by myths that demonise difference. I create worlds full of beautiful, hybrid monstrosities that seduce, beguile and disturb. I work in distorted realities, combining digitally manipulated, highly-detailed photographs with audio and motion design. I currently photograph under-represented indigenous Australian forest landscapes such as swamps and pristine national parks. I incorporate audio of human consumption with these images and syncronise the audio with uncanny, suggestive motion design. I use these materials to challenge social norms to promote acceptance of difference. I combine signifiers of human bodily functions with trees because I think its important to de-comodify nature. I believe if we respect nature and its right to survive we can in turn believe in our own right to survive in an era hell-bent on its own destruction through over-consumption. I feel strongly that if we embrace difference a more sustainable, balanced existence can be achieved.