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Moawya Al Khadra was born in Kuwait in 1983, and moved to Damascus, Syria after the Iraqi invasion. In 2010, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Damascus University.The war in Syria forced him to relocate once again, this time to Dubai in 2011, where he lives and works today.The accumulation of life experiences urged Moawya to put up the structure of his first work of art in 2012 with collected objects that hold some form of memory and belonging for him. These objects became his bridge to communicating with the world around him and a source of inner peace and stability.Artwork for Moawya is constructed out of collected objects, found objects, and any materials that support a specific concept. Often times, the concept will be born and developed out of a simple object which tells a story he wishes to convey. By experimenting with different mediums, he is able to express his desire to both belong and let go, and also his longing to communicate feelings and ideas that he is unable to silence.