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Creating new life. Adding life to a vanishing one. No more space, but in my head. Attached to the past and searching for tomorrow; Is it important to keep memories?Is it important to let go?What does it mean to let go?Without memories, there are no dreams.It is complicated, yet simple.Statement: What happens if we give works of art a different identity?There is a sense of purification in the act of burning…. The act of letting go….To create a better understanding of self-possessions… To reach a higher level of awareness.The objects are not dead; they are simply not in their original form.The complexity of the act was a kind of execution that caused death to the original. And yet, there was a form of ritualistic resurrection of the massive energy exerted from previous experiences and thoughts behind each artwork.In fact, cremation is not a funeral alternative, but a burial ceremony.These ashes have become my new living objects that present consciousness through life and rather than deathWhile Death is the center of many traditions, life is a celebration in all of them. This project is extension of life without looking at the aesthetic.What happens if we give works of art a different identity? Is there right or wrong?The idea for the project started when I was forced to move to a smaller living space in the expensive city of Dubai. I had to make choices about what to keep and what to get rid of. And so the project was constructed out of the need to let go. Only two works of art were spared, all others went up in flames, burnig them in the desert outside the city seemed like a reasonable option.It was strange yet freeing to see my artwork get burned – a sort of shock to my memory, to my being. While a part of me was going up in flames, what remained on the ground (on earth) were the aches. In the end, the project is based on the realization that in loosing physical objects, we gain something more powerful – a recognition that burning the objects does not burn the concepts or ideas behind them, but only changes their shape. Even ashes are not dead; they only gave the artwork a different identity.