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Dolores Martin and Thomas Rawski created the extension Like Go Home. An add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, which removes the button "like" in Facebook.When you install the extension in the browser, it erases that option for all modules on Facebook. Users were invited to experience their use and to send feedback of experience. With this alteration of the original program artists sought to reflect on the use of facebook web, incorporated into the daily world of many people. They pursue also, to highlight the options presented by this web and how they affect its use, as they evolve in conventions of behavior in social networks. It was also created to encourage forms of written expression through the comment option. Steps to use Like Go Home: 1. Go to the web 2. Select the browser that we want to try 3. click to download 4. open the selected browser with Facebook5. reload the page to display the changes6. to disable or delete go Firefox: tools / accessories / extensions / disable or remove Chrome: Window / extensions / enabled or removeFacebook