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The laser light beam in darkness symbolizes the awareness of the bases of the Universe by Human mind. The laser ray is the key tool of this artwork.The Laser Beam is the symbol of the era: the Ray in the dark - like Thought in ignorance. Today the meaning of laser technologies in science, medicine and production is huge. The laser is a unique high-tech instrument of quantum physics. We've chosen the laser as main instrument of "Enlightenment".This project is an innovation in observation of laser ray as unique instrument for contemporary art. "Enlightenment" - science art project, which explores and demonstrates the process of transformation of light into three-dimensional moving abstract forms of incredible beauty. This project was created with conceptual purpose to unite Art and Science; to represent artistic reflection of the Future; to show the beauty of Creator's architecture and phenomena of Nature.According to our art concept: SYN Art Group - artists of the future, creating their works at the intersection of Art and Science. Releasing our art projects, we aspire, first of all, to attract the attention of the viewer to the beauty of Natural Phenomena, to demonstrate the elegance of the architecture of the Creator. We strive to bring society and scientists closer, through the expression of scientific discoveries in the sphere of the incredible beauty of works of art.We want to bring together the Society and Sciences, demonstrating scientific openings in the field of art, and by this, rid the society of fear and, sometimes, a lack of understanding of the experiments of scientists. We believe that the Artist = The Scientist is the one who anticipates and predetermines the future. Creating our art projects, we aspire to make a person immerse in a sense of true reality and anticipation of the future. It is a literal and metaphorical Enlightenment.Take Enlightenment!