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THE NOVELS OF ELSEWHERE is a series of digital videos that present surreal fables which echo a state of dislocation. Without a linear narrative, the feelings of longing and displacement become the only tools to navigate these digital episodes. Episode 3 - Despecho en Vivo, is a 360° multimedia VR performance. The work presents a virtual space inhabited by three characters that react and interact with each other, and the different elements around them, such as light, sounds, digital images and physical objects. On the internet, viewers can navigate the performance by scrolling around the screen to discover the virtual world. While experiencing the 360° video performance, viewers suddenly find themselves in a virtual world, surrounded by 3D architectural models. Episode 3, infinitely transposes viewers between the physical and the virtual. THE NOVELS OF ELSEWHERE intends to take viewers through a journey of translation between differents experiences of space and the body, to allow viewers to question their own position as spectators, as bodies that belong to physical places and as multiple beings that inhabit virtual realms. Through the use of a google cardboard and a smartphone, viewers will also be able to see the performance as an immersive VR experience, from the point of view of the 360° camera. Santiago Tavera and Laura Acosta’s collaboration consists on creating autonomous ecosystems that explore perception and interactivity through a combination of material, corporeal and digital mediums. Laura’s fibre based characters have infiltrated Santiago’s digitally animated fields, offering spaces of constant translation between the physical and the virtual.