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"Sensitive Touch" is a video installation that explores the perception of the female body as it was portrayed in vintage beauty ads versus what we perceive of it today and the ridiculousness that is experienced in comparing the two. The piece aims to underline how persuasive techniques in advertising become coarse when the material is showcased decades later. Computer-generated face distortions and kitschy tears reinforce the idea that beauty and its emotional results are based on subjectivity and are ultimately senseless in that they are deceiptful of its subjectivity. Even though the piece works as a mono-channel video, it is thought as a video installation where the audiovisual material is projected in one of the walls of a bathroom; any bathroom where a person would take care of their physical appearance. A computer, a video projector, speakers, connection cables and basic tools will be used to set up the installation. The artist will require a projector, a computer and a tray to place both of them where they need to be. The audiovisual material will be projected on the wall of a bathroom where the festival will take place. It must ideally be a white wall to facilitate the projection. The computer and projector tray must be secured in order to prevent a fall or be compromised in any way. The bathroom must remain functional and open to the public.