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Aethersacpe suggests a moment, a kind of suspended time in a walk in a landscape. A short, slow, vibrating and colored moment for a visual walk. The textured pictures resound with choked and distant sounds. We are in " a mental landscape " The main idea of his movies would be to create some mysterious atmospheres by using patterns from the landscape. This material is worked to be expressive, something pictorial (as textures of a painting), saturated, vibrating and "impressionistic" vision. The movies are extensions of his painting. It took place at first in installations where paintings and sounds created a singular atmosphere. Today, it also exist for itself. The main idea of his movies would be to create a mysterious atmospher and to implement a feeling "of disturbing strangeness". A moment, sometimes short, powerful and lively when the viewer is taken by pictures and the sound. The experimental form of his movies is an asserted esthetic choice where the not narrative bias is assumed to leave free the sensitive perception of the viewer. The patterns for his movies come from his immediate environment (landscape, sky, light, nature). It is also an echo of photographic patterns used besides and participate in the elaboration of a " mental landscape " (which is latent to his paintings). The sound participates at the rate of the movies. It follows, underlines, amplifies this atmosphere to get and take the viewer in an experience beyond the reality. Peinture = Music = ou (vidéo)