Tropic 23° 26'14'' S - Visualizing Spatial Data

23 ° 26 ”14’S Visualizing Spatial Data, brings together artists and researchers who approach the visualization of spatial data streams connected in a network, especially through big data. The aesthetics of these data flows, makes an increasingly complex series of relationships between the connected spaces readable, revealing new places, landscapes, ways of seeing and perceiving the tensions that cross these spaces. The sensitive expressions of these relationships have generated unique geospatial visualizations, ways to perceive and share a new visual device and its political and poetic expressions. Making these increasingly complex relationships visible and sensitive is a way to redistribute, decentralize and share access to data that is produced on the network by all of us.
Luciana de Paula Santos

Luciana de Paula Santos

I am architect, transmedia artist and curator on Aisthesis Studio and participated in exhibitions, festivals and biennials in Brazil and abroad. I develop transmedia art projects on the following thematic axes: technological aesthetics of hybrid spaces, networked urbanism, wearables for the body-city, studies and etnography on the mass production of network subjectivity [big data decolonization]. In 2020 I created the urbanism collective GO: a connective of urban planners dedicated to the research, produce and publish tactical, locative and emergential media to producing new ways of inhabiting a collapsing world (antropoceno).