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West explores the space in which sculpture can exist and investigates the forms in which three dimensional art objects are represented. Alongside typical methods of sculpture and drawing, 3D computer modelling is employed, allowing these sculptural ideas to be created and experimented within virtual space which overcomes physical limitations and therefore enables the core of an idea to develop. These ideas then translate back and forth between the physical and the virtual until a final representation is created – highlighting the bridge between a concentrated intention shown in the virtual and a physical representation and the potential limitations of an object moving and working within a gallery space. The sculptures themselves take their inspiration from the technologies that man has used across the centuries and abstracts these forms and movements into kinetic sculptures. Many of these machines were once a crucial step in taking humanity as a whole to the next stage of development. This monotonous, driving action of the original machine translates into a simplified form within the sculpture. In both inception and representation, these sculptures then become homages to the technology and physical ideas that man has employed over the years to develop and progress the space in which he inhabits.