Notes on some dysfunctionality

[To read this text's betrayal, change the language to Portuguese]

You can easily calculate the natural state of atoms, the same way that with the help of two pens and a balloon, you can draw the fundamental wave of birdsong. At night, the sky is not blue, and the memory of reality shows itself as a simulation operating around its fractal function. The world does not have the glasses of the 20th century, and Newton occupies the same stone mural on which Gibs and Einstein lie.

All is not lost. You can buy a sunset projector from Alyexpress. Close your eyes: people are still loving each other on the beach. You can keep a garbage bag in the kitchen sink. You can make art. And you can cry as long as you want to. Set up the puzzle layers.

You can tweet an old love song. And with the help of two hands, you can dance kabuki.

By Lara Teixeira.


Composed of four artworks, a video, a negotiation of a non-fungible token (NFT), a text and a betrayal, Notes on Some Dysfunctionality uses the digital medium to bring up questions about the artistic process. What is the power of frustration in the artistic experience? What responsibility do agents involved in the process have to authorize this? Is it possible to think of a space where illegibility is constitutive?

Within this framework, writer, editor and independent curator Guilherme Teixeira presents six artists, Ana Matheus Abbade (São Gonçalo/Brazil), Ilê Sartuzi (Santos/Brazil), Juno (Ceará/Brazil), Lara Teixeira (São Paulo/ Brazil), Lucas Navarro (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil), Pedro Victor Brandão (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) and Simon Fernandes (Ceará/Brazil), who with their conceptualizations analyze dysfunctionality and its relation to contemporary artistic thought.
Guilherme Teixeira

Guilherme Teixeira

[São Paulo, 1992] is a writer, curator and editor based in São Paulo, Brazil. In his research he deals with enunciations and the other names that things demand today. Among the institutions he has worked with are CCSP, Videobrasil and Pro Helvetia, as well as galleries and consulting offices. His curatorial projects include PAREDAO [CCSP], Ontem Foi Um Dia Longo [MARP], O Grande Susto [ESPAÇO], Ruído e Ausência Contínuos [Sancovsky Gallery], A Imensa Preguiça [Sancovsky Gallery] among others. Teixeira is also editor of the periodical O TURVO.