Dwell in the Duration

Thinkers of Western modernity, from Siegfried Kracauer to Jonathan Crary, have emphasized the social effect of cinema on the education of the senses. Even today, like at the turn of the last century, moving images seem to support the familiarization of subjects with the rhythm and truths of a new daily life. The movies, however, are different ones: they are procedural animations that translate the data processing, monotonous videos made by the machine for the machine, folders full of GIFs, and screenshots in which we try to stop the bleeding of the timelines.

Dwell in the Duration presents works that explore these new image configurations and, in their infinite details and variations, invite us to pay attention to the diverse temporalities of networked computing.

Cover image: screensaver Johnny Castaway (Sierra, 1992)
Gabriel Menotti

Gabriel Menotti

Gabriel Menotti is an independent researcher and curator working in various forms of cinema. He currently works as an associate professor in curatorship and moving image at Queen's University, Ontario. He is the author and organizer of several publications on image and technology in Brazil and abroad. His most recent book is "Practices of Projection: Histories and Technologies" (Oxford University Press, 2020), co-edited with Virginia Crisp. He coordinates the research and festival network Besides the Screen.